Saturday, 18 October 2014


An awesome day of insight, revelation and enlightenment. Our first sharing meeting after doing some work...... collaboration through sharing and creating new work between practices is already proving a rich learning ground. Finding out how somebody thinks is so energising, doing this while they are holding your work is fascinating – a real insight. I watched Nantachai as he ‘communicated’ with a small folded paper – feeling the variable forces within both the paper and then almost as a feedback loop into him!!!
Walking around the lab created so many starting points that i thought my head might explode- from wires and dynamics, to pumps and the potential of new material

The wildest thing i go away with is the idea that the objects i make can be ‘reduced’ to a formula based on the forces within it – wow and wow again – it has changed how i think about the folding both as intention beforehand, concentrating during and what the work could be as an after though during reflection.

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